Why Are You Here?

whyYou have answered God’s call and your church’s call to lead a small group or a Sunday School class. It’s a big job. And, your life is already full of work, family, chores, and other responsibilities. How do you carve out another slot of time to prepare for your group and improve your leadership skills?

The 1-minute Sunday School Trainer tackles that problem. Each week you will find two blogs. Each can be read in only a minute or two. Each will have an idea that you can put to work the very next time your group meets. I bring my forty plus years of small group experience and my learning from teaching in Christian education to help you become a group facilitator focused on teaching for spiritual transformation.

Why Is Small Group Bible Study Important?

Engaging God’s Word is probably the most profitable Christian discipline. Bible engagement weaves through all other Christian disciplines. In Unstuck: Your Life. God’s Design. Real Change. (Bethany House Publishers, 2012), Arnie Cole and Michael Ross demonstrate that engaging the Bible four or more times a week brings substantial changes to a believer’s life that sets him or her apart from those who engage the Bible less than four times each week or not at all. In fact, the lives of those who engage the Bible less than four times each week are no different than those who do not engage the Bible at all. Understanding the influence of the Bible, small group Bible study leaders (in Sunday School, cell groups, home groups, life groups or whatever) have a God-given opportunity to help learners open their lives to God through Bible study and experience His transforming power.

How Does This Blog Work?

IMG_0552This blog seeks to equip small group leaders in seven key skills that every Bible study leader needs. (See “Skills of a Small Group Bible Study Leader” at the top of the home page.) While a wise Bible study leader helps learners share group tasks and minister to each other, every leader must grow in praying, learning, evaluating, relating, teaching, growing, and organizing skills. These skills enable the leader to be more effective in carrying out the kingdom work of facilitating a Bible study small group and helping learners hear, learn, and apply God’s Word to every area of life. Using these skills, the Bible study leader can equip learners to be leaders of new groups and multiply the Bible teaching ministry of their churches.

Who Am I?

Walter Norvell Teaching 13I am Walter Norvell. I am a Jesus follower. That basic identity has given me several role opportunities: husband (of Mary), father (of Jonathan and David), grandfather of five (and counting), college instructor in Christian Ministries (at Williams Baptist College), resident fellow (at B. H. Carroll Theological Institute), college/young adult Bible study leader (First Baptist Church, Walnut Ridge), discipler (of many young men), and friend (too many to even name). I am on mission to train the next generation of Christian educators to love God and expand His kingdom. My life verse is Psalm 71:17-18. I am academically interested in worldviews, spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines, youth and student ministries, adult ministries, men’s ministry, and discipleship. I have a blessed life in the Lord Jesus Christ. I enjoy reading, hiking, fishing, camping, traveling, cycling, and gardening. But more than all these activities, I cherish helping small group Bible study leaders become more effective in helping learners engage God’s Word.


  1. Hello Preacher,

    I’m a Baptist evangelist here in Ghana. I do small group bible study at various homes. It’s very helpful to the people. After getting lost soul’s saved for God. I asked them if they are interested in small group bible study at home. Many respond I get is “YES” we like for you to come and teach us more from the word of God. Many disciples here have been a blessing through this small group bible study.

    I like what you are doing for God and I support you in prayers. Maybe someday you can visit Ghana with your students and see how God’s work is doing here.

    God bless!

    Evangelist Patrick

  2. Welcome, thanks. God bless!

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