Skills of a Small Group Bible Study Leader


The Bible study leader or small group leader must utilize many skills:

The Praying Leader Skills

  • Praying for group members and leaders
  • Praying for the teaching learning experience
  • Praying for your church’s Bible teaching ministry

The Organizing Leader Skills

  • Group development/Community
  • Assimilation
  • Relating to your church’s Bible teaching ministry

The Relating Leader Skills

  • Evangelism/Influence
  • Ministry with/to group members
  • Reaching new members
  • Expanding the Bible study ministry
  • Ministry skills
  • Supporting families and parents

The Learning Leader Skills

  • Personal Bible study
  • Developing teaching skills

The Teaching Leader Skills

  • Preparing to Teach
  • Developing a Lesson Plan
  • Understanding the Learners
  • Guiding Bible study
  • Encouraging Christian Worldview

The Evaluating Leader Skills

  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Numerical Growth
  • Ministry Expansion
  • Kingdom Advance

The Growing Leader Skills

  • Your personal walk with the Lord
  • Your spiritual disciplines
  • Your spiritual formation



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