What Is a Deep Life?


By now you know that we are looking forward to two Deepen Retreats in March. These retreats are part of our Deepen Ministry Retreats, Inc., a ministry using retreats to help believers walk more deeply with the Lord. I make a lot of the word “deep” in our retreats. Sometimes deep means a distance or measurement (1 Kings 6:3). Deep can refer to mysterious regions out of human sight (Exodus 15:8). Job thought of the deep things of God, that knowledge only God has and the ways only God understands (Job 11:17). Deep can suggest God’s power and strength (Ps. 42:7). Psalm 80:9 uses deep to tell of the place where strong roots develop. The Preacher of Ecclesiastes stated that he would find wisdom, but it was “deep, very deep (Ecc. 7:24).” Daniel knew that God revealed “deep and hidden things (Dan. 2:22). I think a life, lived unto the Lord, can be a deep life.

Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and your waves have gone over me. (Ps. 42:7 ESV) Click To Tweet

So, what is a deep life?

To me, a deep life is a righteous life, a wise life, a life of meaning, and a life of intention.

It is a life lived on purpose.

It is a life of challenge, but a life of faith that seeks understanding.

It is a life of knowing God and encouraging others to know God.

It is a life concerned with eternal things while skillfully dealing with temporary things.

It is a life focused on the ultimately real.

Those living the deep life love God’s Word and obey it because one’s greatest happiness comes from obedience to God.

It is a conscious life, an aware life, a life of being present.

A deep life is the life of a craftsman who skillfully crafts his life and the lives of others for the glory of God and God’s greatest good.

A deep life is valuable and desirable because:

  • It is a Godward life or a life lived in the key of God.
  • It is a Scripturally-saturated life – a life that hears and obeys God.
  • The deep life is a blessed life – far beyond happiness.
  • It is a skillful life – able to live a life of beauty and usefulness.
  • It is a life that creates heritage for others. We busy ourselves by trying to amass an inheritance for our children which will only be spent with little meaning. A heritage gives meaning to our children.
  • The deep life is a peaceful life even amid change, conflict, and chaos.
  • The deep life is a life of wisdom.
  • It is a life of living God’s purpose.
  • The deep life is a life of meaning.
  • The deep life is a life of connection with God, with family, with church, with friends, with those who are in need and with those who can influence us for godliness.

The preceding is a small exert from one of the sessions in our Deep Retreat, “The Value of a Deep Life.” The Deepen Retreats are an opportunity to explore the meaning of a deep life lived with God. Every participant spends 24 hours in silence and then processes that experience in a small group. Each leaves the retreat with their own, original plan for going deeper with the Lord.

The coming Deepen Retreats will be at beautiful Camp Siloam near Siloam Springs, AR.

  • Deepen Men’s Retreat, March 16-18. Registration details here.
  • Deepen Women’s Retreat, March 22-25. Registration details here.

These links give you all the information you need about what to bring, what to leave at home, a textbook you will need, and the costs. The retreats are each limited to 50 people each. Register soon to take advantage of an early bird discount. Each retreat has a final deadline for registration. Go look at the sites and make your plans to attend a Deepen Retreat.

Scripture: Read Colossians 2:6-7. What connections do you see between this concept of “deep” and being rooted?

Dig Deeper: Read The Spiritual Life: Undeniable Ways to Conquer the Flesh and Grow in Christ by Andrew Murray.

Now It’s Your Turn: What does going deep with the Lord mean to you? Please share your ideas so we can all grow together.

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